Flute is one of the most rewarding instruments to play. The silvery tone is unlike no other- even wrong notes can sound good. And since the fingering is almost identical from octave to octave, it's very easy to progress quickly. Ms. Abigail can help you find your embouchure and read music, all you'll need to do is decide what songs you'd like to play. (Hint: everything sounds good on a flute!)

Whether you want to play classical, pop, New Age, jazz, compose your own songs, or simply gain a wide musical foundation, piano is the most user-friendly instrument out there. To get any note, you literally just push a key. All that remains is to figure out which keys to push! Ms. Abigail can help you learn to read music, play by ear, and build the muscle memory that makes playing chords and octaves easy.

Have you ever imagined strumming all your favorite songs, maybe as your friends sing along? In almost no time, you could be doing just that- guitar is one of the quickest instruments to learn. Ms. Abigail can help you learn not only the chords, but the whys and wherefores involved in chord progressions.


The best drum teacher around: http://www.schoolius.com/school/862626593777345/Florida+Drum+Academy

A great guitar teacher, also three wonderful piano teachers and a voice teacher:


If Mr. Thrift (guitar) is booked up, Ms. Abigail can give you the contact information for another accomplished local guitar teacher.

Ms. Abigail's violin teacher:



Recommended teachers


Violin has always had an air of mystique to it, but whether you're just starting school or just starting retirement, you CAN learn to play. Ms. Abigail can help you learn the time-honored techniques to produce a great sound, and with a bit of patient practice, you can be playing fiddle or classical repertoire in a very short time.

None of these instruments sound quite like what you were looking for? Perhaps you'd like to try cello, viola, ukulele, mandolin, folk harp, or mountain dulcimer. Each has its own unique challenges and rewards, and each has its own inimitable sound. Ms. Abigail can help you decide what to play, then help you learn the basics and how to create the music you want to play.



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